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Our Mission

Newborn Network's Mission

Newborn Network’s mission is for parents to be the best parents they can be. Our two main goals are to enhance parent-to-parent networking, as well as assist parents in advancing their child’s development.


Our goal through parent and baby group connection meetups is to provide weekly education, networking and friendship building opportunities for families. These meetings are held at a variety of locations throughout the county.
Download the information sheet (PDF) here

Baby Group Connections: A weekly education and networking group. Designed for newborns to about age one.

South Routt Play and Learn: For families living in South Routt. A twice-weekly activity session for children birth to 36 months and their parent or caregiver that promotes child development.

Download the monthly calendar (PDF) to see details on the next group connection. If you have any questions, please reach out via our contact form.

Play and Learn is a joint caregiver/parent and child session. The twice-weekly, two-hour session in Oak Creek is used to engage in activities that promote child development. This class is for all children newborn to 36 months, plus their caregiver or parent who lives in South Routt.

“You have been such a wealth of information for me and the girls & I had such a good time coming to Play and Learn. Thank you so much for offering such an awesome program – I know that I found you & the program at a time when we needed it the most. I have seen my daughter change for the better with all of the socialization.” (Play and Learn mother).

"We are truly grateful for you and all you do!  Thank you so much for being a kind, patient, knowledgeable teacher, and friend. I am so appreciative of your time and for helping my son learn some important tools to get him school ready!"

For more information:

  • Call 879-0977 if you have any questions or reach out via our contact form
  • Location: South Routt Community Center
    227 Dodge Ave.
    Oak Creek, Colorado
  • Time: 9:30am to 11:30am

We highly recommend you join our mailing list (click here) so that you can be notified of last-minute updates.

Bright by Three Homes is a series of visits.

The first visit is to celebrate the birth of your child. The second visit will take place around their first birthday, and once more when they are 2 years old. A gift bag will be delivered at each visit, containing materials and information about parenting, child development, and community resources.

  • Program A: Prenatal to 12 months of age.
  • Program B: Infants and toddlers 12-24 months of age.
  • Program C: Toddlers 24-36 months of age.

“The Newborn Network has been an excellent resource for me. It has been great to meet with other new moms and share advice and information with each other.” (Hayden mother of a 3-month-old).

“I enjoy going to the Newborn Network every Tuesday morning! I’ve learned so much about how to parent & juggle two newborns in the last 5 weeks. It’s nice to get help and resources that are available from programs that help cater to single moms. My children and I are able to meet so many new people (and baby friends) every week when we “go out” 😆 we gained a lot of knowledge today.” (Steamboat mother of twins).

To schedule a visit:

Parents as Teachers is a home visitation and parent education program. This individualized home visit is intended to provide families with child development and parenting information. It is available to all families in Routt County who are expecting a child or have a child less than 36 months of age. 

The Parents as Teachers Program is founded on the belief that all parents are their child's first (and best) teacher. Parents as Teachers includes four components that all affiliate programs are required to provide:

  • One-on-one personal (or home) visits
  • Group connections
  • Health and developmental screenings for children
  • A resource network for families.

“I find the learning activities my Parent Educator shows me to be fun while giving me something to look forward to doing with my child.” (Newborn Network PAT mom).

“PAT has been a great resource for our new family and helped us learn about developmental goals and our child’s needs.” (Steamboat dad of a 6-month-old). 

To schedule a visit:

The Lending Library provides books, DVDs, and CDs covering a variety of family, child and parenting issues. These are available for check-out at Group Connections, during home visits, and Play & Learn. Some of our most borrowed books include The 90-Minute Baby Sleep Program by Polly Moore, or The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp, MD.

For more information:

Receive answers to parenting questions or information about community resources. One of our experienced parent educators will be able to assist you or return your call when they arrive back at the office. In order to contact the "Warmline", please:

In order to best provide you with the appropriate support, please leave or send us your name, phone number, and a brief message about your concern. If you need immediate assistance, please call 911 or your pediatrician.

“Thank you for answering my questions about normal sleep for toddlers. With your suggestions my son now sleeps better.”

Zero to Three

  • Zero to Three has a wealth of information for parents of babies and toddlers. Articles include topics from positive parenting approaches to sleep to play to grandparents, and so much more. 

Bright by Text

  • Sign-up for Bright by Text. Bright by Text sends free learning games, parenting tips, and resources right to the cell phones of parents and caregivers of children from prenatal to 5 years old. 


  • Boost your child's learning with Vroom's fast and fun tips with an app and brain-building ideas based upon your child’s age. 

Parents As Teachers:

What is Newborn Network? 

  • Newborn Network is a parent education system that serves families living in Routt County who are pregnant or have children less than 36 months of age.

Why use the Newborn Network? 

To give your infant a healthy start...because babies don't come with "instructions for proper care and handling."

How do I learn more about Newborn Network and its FREE services? 

Call 970-879-0977 for more information and to schedule an appointment. You can also ask us any questions via our contact form.

Am I obligated to participate in all the Newborn Network activities?

Absolutely not!  You choose which will work best for your family.

How do I find out about upcoming Newborn Network events?

Newborn Network services are supported by individual and corporate contributions; grants from City of Steamboat Springs, Craig-Scheckman Family Foundation, Parent Possible, Routt County, Routt County United Way, Simmons Foundation, Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation and Yampa Valley Community Foundation; and materials from Bright by Three.


Sharon Butler

Newborn Network Program Manager and Parent Educator

Sharon Butler is the program manager for the Networks. Sharon has taught as a family childcare provider, an infant nursery supervisor, and a preschool teacher. She’s a CDE infant/toddler specialist, a credentialed coach, and is a certified Parents as Teachers parent educator and supervisor. She was an adjunct faculty member in Early Childhood for Colorado Mountain College. She also provides training and professional development activities for childcare providers and technical assistance and pre-licensing hours for new providers. She has been with the Family Development Center since 1999.

Donna Starbuck bio photo

Donna Starbuck

Newborn Network Parent Educator

Parent Educator: Donna Starbuck.

Donna started in September of 2022 with the Family Development Center and is a Parent Educator for Parents As Teachers model implementation program and co-presenter for Play and Learn. Donna owned and operated a licensed childcare business from her home for the past 30 years. Donna brings decades of child development, parent education and community involvement to our team and is a valued and loved community member, and we are delighted to have her work with families throughout Routt County.


Play and Learn SR 9.23

Crystal Brenegan

Newborn Network Parent Facilitator Play and Learn South Routt

We are excited to introduce our new South Routt Play and Learn Parent Facilitator: Crystal Brenegan


Abby Chan

Abby Chan

Newborn Network Parent Facilitator Play and Learn Hayden

We are excited to introduce our new Hayden Play and Learn Parent Facilitator: Abby! 

Sessions beginning this fall, 2023.

Abby Chan, an educator with a decade of experience, embarked on her journey in the realm of early childhood education as both a preschool director and a devoted classroom teacher. Abby's unwavering vision revolves around equipping families with the essential tools and knowledge required to nurture their young ones into becoming well-rounded members of society, poised for success in every facet of their lives.


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