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Discovery Learning Center


Our Mission

Discovery Learning Center's Mission

Discovery Learning Center's mission is to provide quality, accredited early childhood care and education in a supportive environment. That support extends to the children, as well as their families and community.

The goal of everyone working with the children is to help each child have more positive feelings about him/herself, including confidence in the ability to learn, increasing self-control, positive social relationships, and exploring new experiences. The result of these skills is confident, competent, caring children.


Quick Answers

What do you need help with?

1. To enroll your child, add your name to the information waitlist

You will be invited to an in-person pre-registration meeting in February before your child starts school in the upcoming September. Join the information waitlist.

2. 2022/2023 Enrollment

Enrollment forms are hand-delivered at pre-registration meetings which take place in March each year. Join the waitlist. or contact us for more info.

3. Download the parent handbook

From enrollment to field trips, nutrition and hygiene, all of our information can be downloaded right here.

4. Student schedule change

For current parents: Download and print a student schedule change request form.

5. Summer camp

Summer camp is open to current students. Contact us for more information.

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About Us

Discovery Learning Center

Our philosophy is based on the child development theories of Erik Erickson, John Dewey, Arnold Gesell, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotsky. We use a variety of curriculum models; including constructivism, project approach, storybook journey, developmental interaction, and theme immersion. For more information about theorists and/or curriculum models, please contact our Director, Stephanie Martin at

Overall, we are guided by current early childhood research and developmentally appropriate practices. To enable the achievement of the mission, Discovery Learning Center follows the curriculum guidelines listed below. 

Our curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on important skill-building, such as personality growth in character and value development, conceptual knowledge and aesthetic development. We also focus on building beginners' skills in important subjects such as, science, math, social student, emergent literacy, and conceptual knowledge. Physical development plays an important role in our curriculum as well. 

Standards and important guidelines we follow include:

The Core Components of our program include three important rules. Take care of yourself, take care of each other, and take care of Discovery. We pride ourselves on professional and well-trained staff and parent involvement. Through these principles, we grow competent, confident, and caring children.

As Competent Children, students will be capable, knowledgeable, experienced, skilled and proficient in curriculum content appropriate to their age and individual development.

As Confident Children, students will be assured in their demeanor, assertive in their interactions with others, and certain of their skills. We work to ensure Discovery children are secure in their environment, convinced of their abilities, and self-possessed of their emotions.

As Caring Children, students will exhibit kind and thoughtful, gentle and considerate behavior. We expect helpful and compassionate treatment of others, and for our students to express concern and sensitive behaviors toward other children and adults.


Our Team

Colleen Miller

Executive Director Family Development Center

Angela Shelton

Preschool Director Discovery Learning Center

Diane Moore

Roving Classroom Assistant Teacher

Katrina Hicks

Roving Classroom Art Teacher

Angela Shelton

Preschool Classroom Lead Teacher

Alice Butler

Preschool Classroom Teacher

Tristan Trompeau

Preschool Classroom Aide

John Shoen

PreK-Corner Lead Classroom Teacher

Sheryl Shuker

PreK-Corner Classroom Teacher

Sarah Wilson

PreK-Corner Classroom Assistant Teacher

Matthew Clark

PreK-West Lead Classroom Teacher

Sarah Lynn Farmer

PreK-West Classroom Teacher

Hiring Now!

PreK-West Classroom Teacher

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