The goal of all those working under the Family Development Center umbrella is to provide parents with the supports they need to be the best parents they can be.

The Newborn Network

Newborn Network\'s mission is to provide services and programs that support parents in the first years of their child\'s life. The two main goals are to enhance parent-to-parent networking and to assist parents in enhancing their child\'s development.

Discovery Learning Center

Discovery Learning Center\'s mission is to provide quality early childhood care and education in a supportive environment; that support extends to the children, the families and their community. The goal of everyone working with the children is to help each child have more positive feelings about him/herself, which includes confidence in the ability to learn, increasing self-control, positive social relationships and exploring new experiences, with the result of growing confident, competent, caring children.

The Child Care Network

Child Care Network\'s mission is to provide services and programs that make child care work for families and communities. Quality, availability, and affordability of child care are the three essential elements of a responsive and growing child care system.